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 Teresa Ramirez is a christian conservative who has over 25 years of experience in community outreach.  She was born in Houston, Texas, and raised in a small town southeast of Harris county. with her parents and eleven siblings.

Teresa's mother, Teadora Guerrero Ramirez, was born in 1923 in San
Diego, Texas. Teodora and her sisters joined the Rosie Riveters Campaign while her brothers, Pantaleon and Timoteo were away serving in WWII. Teodora became Teresa's inspiration to live with family values, which gave her a passion to wear the hat of patriotism that she wears to this day.

Her father, Juan Garcia Ramirez a Native American was an ordained Baptist minister and Senior Pastor and founder of La Iglesia El Rey. He was a third generation stone master who taught migrant workers the trade in early 1950's and helped find them work. He became a civil advocate in  his city and community and as her mentor he taught her to be a true public servant. While at La Iglesias El Rey, Teresa learned at an early age to serve her community. She continues as a senior advisor and outreach director in partnerships for La Iglesia El Rey today.

  Teresa is now serving in the Fort Worth Police Department, Neighborhood Crime Watch Program as a volunteer for over five years and is a member of the Neighborhood Crime Watch Steering Committee. She has proven herself to her community that she is capable of working with our elected leaders at local and state levels. She has been a voice that supports American Patriotism and truly lives by the United States constitution. She believes that unity begins with diversity and has found that living in Fort Worth , Texas offers different cultures and freedom of religion that makes it a home city for all who chose to move and thrive there.

Most importantly, she has been married to her husband Hector for 37 years. They have raised their five children with  christian and traditional family values. Her children are graduates, conservatives, advocates, teachers, mentors, and whole heartedly Back the Blue, US military, U.S. Veterans and our first responders. 

Teresa has a heart that is devoted to her community. She will listen and will advocate for the people of District 4. She is looking foward to being the first hispanic woman to be seated in City Council, District 4.



Aspire - Teresa is an enrichment volunteer who provides guidance and academic assistance, college and workforce readiness.

Her focus is on family and parental services and providing positive social, cultural, recreational, interpersonal skills.

Additionally, she offers health and wellness insight in order to enrich and expand students' understanding of life and  to promote involvement in community.

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The Pathway of Blessings, Teresa is a Board member; safety director at Korean Tiger Martial Arts. This program was created for at-risk K-12 students in North Forth Worth. It is focused to help students become confident, aids in financial stability for education and assist the student to plan their future. Teresa is a student at Korean Tiger Martial Arts, along with her children and grandchildren. She is proud to have three generations partake in a healthy community that to helps develop coordination, physical fitness, mental strength, and focuses on the gain of valuable social skills.

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Teresa's family served in Vietnam and WWII, she loves veterans as if they are

her own family. She honors and serves Veterans at monthly luncheons within her local organiaztions.

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As a neighborhood crime watch block captain, Teresa hosts annual Neighborhood Crime Watch Prevention outings that promote

police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live.


Teresa cares deeply for her neighbors and community. She believes that our loved ones and our communities deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in high abundance. She will advocate and listen to each individual is safe and comfortable in their own home.

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As a supporter of unity in every Nation, Teresa walked over 2.5 miles with Mrs Opal Lee for her campaign in honor of the Emancipation Proclamation. This is an honorable accomplishment that she will cherish for a lifetime and will pass on to her children and grandchildren to support. She believes every voice matters, should never be overlooked, but will be heard.

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Teresa is a devoted advocate and will fight to end human trafficking. There are over 300,000 individuals who are trafficked and Teresa will continue to host and join marching events to educate people on the horrors of abuse and to push forward a public agenda to end Human Trafficking. We must be a voice for the voiceless until every victim is free.

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Teresa is a student at Korean Tiger Martial Arts. Not only has she been an active member,she has also received a Contribution Award from Korean Tiger Martial Arts
for assisting students with transportation, encouragement and raising funds for student's tuitions and tournaments


  • Founder of Tarrant County Educators of Texas

  • Richland Middle School Community Outreach Member

  • Richland Middle School PTA Treasurer

  • La Iglesias el Rey, Director of Outreach & Partnerships

  • FWPD Neighborhood Crime Watch, Block Captain Volunteer & Steering Committee Member

  • Pathway of Blessings, Safety Director 

  • Korean Tiger Martial Arts, Tournament Team Operations Director 

  • Former Tarrant County Elections Bilingual Clerk & Voter Registrar

  • Former Birdville ISD, PTA Nominating Committee Chair

  • Former Birdville ISD, PTA Clothing Connection Chair

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