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Teresa has carefully reviewed the upcoming Bond Propositions and City Charter Amendment Propositions and would like to immediately release the following responses to each individual issue.

Please share and consider her positions, and vote Teresa Ramirez for Fort Worth City Council Place 4.


Proposition A

Proposition B

Proposition C

Proposition D

Proposition E

YES. "I am looking forward to the completion of several local projects in District 4, which have already improved traffic flow in the area. Funding of these projects is necessary."

YES. "Any project which will help to engage youth in extra-curricular activities should take priority. Youth activity, as well as economic returns, should be top priorities. District 4 could use a bit of attention in this area as well, and the Stop Six neighborhood could do with a bit of revitalization."

YES. "A library for the new development area is appropriate, and an excellent use of funds focusing on engaging our youth in extra-curricular activities."

YES. "Fund the Police. Always. Fund, educate, support and Back the Blue. They have the hardest jobs and they need the resources."

YES. "I fully support the City of Fort Worth investing in green, open, natural spaces."


Proposition F

Proposition G

Proposition H

Proposition I

Proposition J

Proposition K

Proposition L

Proposition M

Proposition N

Proposition O

Proposition P

Proposition Q

Proposition R

NO. "Any funds available to be allocated to top-tier pay increases should be immediately allocated to the ASPIRE Educational Program, which was recently de-funded in several ISDs in District 4. Youth outreach and engagement is the most important item for the future of the City of Fort Worth."

NO. "We have no reason to eliminate metes and bounds from our mapping system. The motive and agenda are unclear."

No. "Appointees and employees shall retain their right to request a public hearing on their potentially undue or biased removals from their positions in the city's administration."

YES. "We may allow a maximum of 25 days for the secretary to review voter-submitted petitions."

NO. "The City shall retain the right to assess and collect our own taxes. This maintains accountability, as the county is understaffed to solely perform this duty for us."

NO. "The City shall retain the right to decide for ourselves on how it will address public health concerns while factoring in county-level guidance. This maintains accountability while preserving necessary public health positions (jobs) in the City."

YES. "This will save money and offer access to this information to more interested citizens than previously afforded in expensive printed publications."

YES. "The City shall pay the costs for these projects when not assessing abutting property owners."

YES. "Accountability is Everything."

YES. "Again, Accountability is Everything to me."

NO. "Yearly contracts are appropriate. If we are satisfied with the performance of a contractor, we will renew yearly. If not, we shall retain the right to solicit bids from other, more appropriate contractors."

YES. "The City shall adhere to State Law and let the People vote."

NO. "Accountability is Everything. All independent auditors opinions shall be published with supporting documentation for the review of the People."

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